Red Raspberry, White Peach, or Watermelon Rosé Sangria

served with an abundance of seasonal fruit


A&B Cosmo

vodka . triple sec . cranberry . fresh lime juice


A&B Rum Punch

rum . island juices . grenadine  float


A&B Mixed Berry Lemonade

vodka . fresh berries & lemon


Moscow Mule

ginger beer . ginger ale . fresh lime

*Your choice vodka, tequila, bourbon, or rum

$5.00 on Mondays

Summer Margaritas


Blueberry Margarita


Peach Margarita


Strawberry Margarita


Blood Orange Margarita


Guava Margarita


Sweet Ginger Margarita


Jalapeño-Lime Margarita

made with house infused jalapeño-lime tequila

Prosecco Cocktails


A&B 75

patron schnapps . prosecco≤


Sparkling Mint Lemonade

fresh mint . lemonade . prosecco


Prosecco Breeze

rum . pineapple & cranberry juice . prosecco


Bubbling Mead

mead of the month . prosecco



Also called honey wine, mead is know from many sources

of ancient history throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The earliest archaeological evidence for the production of mead

dates to around 7000 BC.

*See Your Server / Bartender For Featured Flavor

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