Red Raspberry Sangria or White Peach Sangria

served with an abundance of seasonal fruit


Cucumber Grape Lemonade

cucumber & grape infused vodka . lemonade


Cinnamon Bourbon Apple Cosmo

cinnamon infused bourbon . apple pucker . cranberry


House-made Eggnog     $12.00

*contains Peanut Butter


ALL Moscow Mule drinks are $5.00 on Mondays


Traditional Moscow Mule

vodka . ginger beer . fresh lime


Tied "Rye" Mule

redemption rye . ginger beer . fresh lime


Pirate Mule

pyrat rum . ginger beer . fresh lime


Tropical Mule

patrón citrónge . peach schnapps . fresh lime


Sidecar Mule

brandy . triple sec . ginger beer . fresh lime

Hot Apple Cider


Non-Alcoholic Hot Apple Cider     $5.00

cinnamon stick


Hot Apple Pie

stoli vanilla . goldschläger . whipped cream


Paris Cider

french brandy . cinnamon stick


Cinnamon Bourbon Cider

cinnamon infused bourbon . cinnamon stick


Sting Cider

jack daniels honey . cinnamon stick

Prosecco Cocktails


1/2 Price on Wednesdays

A&B Pomegranate Palmer

pomegranate infused vodka . triple sec

lemonade . prosecco


Sparkling Mint Lemonade

fresh mint . lemonade . prosecco


Prosecco Breeze

rum . pineapple & cranberry juice . prosecco


Bubbling Mead

black raspberry nectar mead . prosecco



Also called honey wine, mead is know from many sources

of ancient history throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The earliest archaeological evidence for the production of mead

dates to around 7000 BC.

Black Raspberry Nectar Redstone Meadery . ME   8% abv

Medium sweet, five parts clover honey, one part wildflower honey,

carbonated; black raspberries added after the fermentation is complete

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